WICK DIPPER. Stainless Steel, Rose Gold or Matte Black Available.

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  • It is made of sturdy stainless steel for long last to use and durability. The wick-dipper can handle hot wax and high temperatures without becoming discolored.
  • You can simply pull the wick down into the melted wax and snuffs it out without any smoke and also coats the wick with wax which seems to be helpful for re-lighting.
  • The wick dipper is a more efficient tool to extinguish a flame and it also eliminates any smoke.
  • This wick dipper is flexible and comfortable to use even when putting out the wick at the bottom of a small candle jar.
  • Candle wick dipper prevents wick smoldering and lengthen the life of candle, good for scented candles,jar candles,soy wax candles, tumbler and pillar candles and more other big and small candles or wicks.
  • Available in either stainless steel, rose gold or matte black finish.