Make Candles with Us! Add Gemstones*

Make it an intention candle! We offer a selection of gemstones that you can add to your candle for an additional $2 per stone.

Please Note: All add-on and upgrade options may also be added in store on the day of your appointment.

* Gemstone options and availability subject to change.

Clear Quartz Add On Clear Quartz Spiritual Growth & Healing
Citrine Gemstone Add On Citrine Emotional Empowerment
Green Aventurine Gemstone Add On Green Aventurine Good Luck & Optimism
Amazonite Gemstone Add On Amazonite Hope & Manifestation
Yellow Citrine Gemstone Add On Yellow Calcite Self Esteem
Amethyst Gemstone Add On Amethyst Tranquility
Rose Quartz Gemstone Add On Rose Quartz Unconditional Love & Romance
Yellow Jasper Gemston Add On Yellow Jasper Protection
Tigers Eye Gemstone Add On Tigers Eye Inner Strength
Unakite Gemstone Add On Unakite Healthy Habits & Stress Relief
Onyx Gemstone Add On Black Onyx Self Control & Overcoming Fear