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YouTube NBC 4 Transcript

at march air reserve base a small
business owner in el segundo found a way
to pivot after the pandemic forced her
shut down the candle making shop you
just opened and as nbc 4's gordon
takamatsu shows us thanks to some of
those creative decisions
her business is lit this is what sets
banter and bliss candle company apart
from its competitors
smells great pineapple server at the
very front of its new store the delamo
fashion center behind a window
inviting customers to book a workshop or
slowly pour the candle where local
artisans teach you and your friends to
make your very own
scented candle mother's day bachelorette
parties even
dates for couples owner sheena tala
romani says it was her way to grow her
business from humble beginnings at an
art collective in el segundo
you want to do fun things you want to do
things that are instagramable
but then the pandemic happened and like
everyone else
she had to close the problem was the
pandemic shut down this
very important part of sheena's business
plan customers
making their own candles in person how
could she possibly keep banter and bliss
afloat she wondered
online sales were good but would it be
enough i was like okay
this really stinks but where's the
silver lining she started booking
zoom candle making sessions morale
boosters paid for by companies to keep
employees engaged and entertained
in their homes people were still looking
to do stuff she and her staff sent them
hundreds of candle making kits like this
so they could follow along in their
a great way to fight boredom and grow
her brand
she also used her down time to make her
own product line more appealing and
improve her website for home delivery
and today we hired during covet and we
opened stores during covid
this is the biggest of three retail
outlets now
grand opening just this past weekend
sheena shares her space with artisan
selling everything from handcrafted
jewelry to soaps and t-shirts
i know how hard the business is we work
our butts off and it
paid off after months of closure that
sent some large
chains into bankruptcy banter and bliss
not only weathered the coveted storm
it thrived she says all it took was a
glass half full attitude we're going to
add yellow color to this candle
and a belief that to survive your candle
just has to keep burning brighter than
everybody else's
in torrance gordon tokumatsu nbc 4 news