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Make a Reservation Using a Groupon Voucher

[TRANSCRIPT: All right so today I’m gonna show you how to make a reservation on our website using a Groupon voucher. So this is very easy but there are some steps that you do have to follow in order to get it done. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is go to our website which is Then you’re gonna want to go to the navigation and hit Book Now. You’ll see here we have three different products and we also have an explanation of what the differences between those two products however, if you’re booking using a Groupon there is only one product you can use that Groupon for and that is the one that says Book A Candlemaking Class. So you’re gonna want to go ahead and hit that. Now this is going to take you to the page that has our three different locations there we’ve got one in Brea mall we’ve got one in Pasadena and we have one at Del Amo fashion center so you can choose which one you want to take so for the purposes of this, we’re gonna make a reservation at Brea Mall.  Now keep in mind if you wanna go to the next page there’s gonna be a calendar. The calendars gonna allow you to select your date and time it will be currently on the day that it is today’s November 17 so that 17th so make sure you toggle over and pick the correct date that you want to book along with the appropriate time. now we’ll go back to the 17th. If you were using more than one Groupon you were going to have to go through this process more than once.  say you’re trying to book for three people and you purchased a Groupon for two and a Groupon for one you’re gonna have to do to this process using the redemption code for the first Groupon and then go through the process again using the second redemption code and you’re also want to make sure that if you are booking that way that there are enough spaces in whatever class you’re trying to book so for example, if you had a Groupon for four and a Groupon for two, or if you just had a Groupon for six again, you are not gonna be able to do the 11 o’clock class on the 17th because there’s not enough room so keep that in mind but for purposes of today we’re booking a class for two I’m gonna show you how to do that and we’re going to select the 30th and let’s do 2 o’clock. now there is an area up here where you can up the quantity to the appropriate number of people keep in mind that it will max out at eight for this. Ill actually go ahead and leave that one for now because I’ll show you there’s another spot that you can adjust the quantity. So we’ve got November 30 at 2 o’clock here and hit the next button and this is an area where you can put any notes that you want to see It’s my anniversary, you can hit the agree go and read all of these are very important. That’s why there now so now you see it now double check your date and time and your location so Brea 11:30 at 2 o’clock and as I mentioned we’re gonna be booking for two people so you need to make sure that this quantity reads 2 otherwise, this is not gonna work if you try to book for one person, but your Groupon is for 2 it’s not gonna work in our system so you need to make sure you match the quantities correctly for in-store classes and all online orders you’re gonna actually leave that left purple box checked and you’re going to continue to scroll down if you want to leave another note you can but you don’t have to then your gonna hit check out all right once you hit check out you’re going to see that you’re going to go to at this page here order summary now add tip so you can obviously tip your instructor in store not a problem but if you want to pre-pay a tip for your instructor you can and you can either do the 15, 18 to 20 or you can even just put a custom tip whatever you’d like. Keep in mind that any tips go 100% to our instructors every single dollar is going to go to your instructor OK and then we’ve got our order summary so you see again double check the date the time to location to make sure you’re booking the correct spot now when you scroll down here you’re going to see that the total is $132. If you’re booking using a Groupon you’re gonna want to put their redemption code in this box right here so for purposes of this I made up a redemption code GROUPONCLASS if you’re having trouble identifying your redemption code you can go ahead and you can call Groupon they can help you all right so double check your date, time, location we put in our promo code here and hit apply and now our total is zero so we can complete our order once your orders process you’re gonna get a confirmation page it’s gonna have your order number it’s gonna have your note saying that your order was received and then when you come in the store if you want to see the summary can you can hit that summary button right here that’ll give you exactly what you booked again but when you come in store all you need to do is give us your name we’ll have your reservation on file and you’re all set. So that’s how you make a reservation on our website using a Groupon  hopefully that helps. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. Otherwise we will see you for your class.]