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Some Groupon offers require you to complete your purchase on the merchant's website. To do so, you'll use the redemption code provided on your voucher.

Here's how to find yours:

  1. Go to My Groupons.
  2. Select View Voucher.
  3. Your redemption code will be listed below your voucher's barcode or under "Redemption Code."

The instructions listed in the "How to Use" section of the voucher will provide the website URL and the steps necessary to use your individual code.

Tip: If you see something other than the merchant's website, such as "Present your voucher upon arrival," see How to Use a Groupon.

If you're having trouble completing your order, try using a computer instead of your mobile device. Additionally, make sure you're using the exact website listed under the "How to Use" section of your voucher.

Tips for Checking Out on a Merchant's Site


  • Look for a box marked “Coupon Code,” “Groupon Code,” or similar, and paste in your redemption code. 
  • Codes are case-sensitive unless the merchant indicates otherwise.
  • You might see the full price for your item before you enter the code.
  • Shipping costs may not be covered by your Groupon. Be sure to check the Fine Print for these details.

If you try these tips and still have trouble, please try contacting us directly. You can find our contact info on your voucher or the deal page or here.