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What Your Favorite Candle Scent Says About You: Unveiling Your Fragrance Personality!

A collection of Banter & Bliss scented candles lifestyle photo
Welcome to our whimsical journey through the world of candle scents! Did you know that your choice of candle fragrance can reveal fascinating insights about your personality? Whether you’re drawn to delicate floral notes, earthy woody aromas, vibrant fruity scents, or cozy holiday-inspired smells, read on to discover what your favorite candle scent says about you!

Floral/Fresh: The Romantically-Inclined Soul

If you find yourself gravitating towards candles with floral or fresh fragrances, you’re likely a romantic at heart. You appreciate the beauty in the simplest things and have a knack for creating a serene atmosphere. You may be drawn to nature, spending time in gardens or enjoying walks in the park.

Floral/Fresh fragrances we offer in our candlemaking class: Black Orchid, Eucalyptus, Fresh Cut Roses, Lavender, Plumeria, Sweet Pea, and more.

Woody/Musky: The Adventurous Spirit

If the rich scents of wood and musk are your go-to, then you’re an adventurous soul who loves exploring the unknown. These candles ignite your wanderlust, transporting you to the heart of a mystical forest or a cozy cabin in the mountains. Embrace your inner explorer!

Woody/Musky fragrances we offer in our candlemaking class: Amber, Caribbean Teakwood, Driftwood & Sea Salt, Lime & Palo Santo, Oud, Santal Spice, and more.

Fruit/Tropical: The Energetic Optimist

Your love for the fruity and tropical scents indicates that you’re a naturally energetic and optimistic individual. You radiate positivity and always up for new experiences. Your presence brings a refreshing and lively vibe to any gathering!

Fruit/Tropical fragrances we offer in our candlemaking class: Blood Orange, Grapefruit Mangostana, Japanese Melon, Mimosa, Pear Pomegranate, Strawberries & Cream, and more.

Holiday/Bakery: The Comfort-Seeking Enthusiast

Nothing says cozy like the scent of freshly baked goodies or the warm aromas associated with the holiday season. You appreciate the simple joys in life and have a soft spot for traditions. You’re likely the go-to person for creating a warm and inviting ambiance during festive occasions, and your love for all things cozy is unmatched!

Holiday/Bakery fragrances we offer in our candlemaking class: Apple Strudel, Bourbon Roasted Pecans, Cider Lane, Donuts with Santa, Fireside Marshmallow, Salted Butterscotch, and more.

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