Pure Fragrance Oils. 15ml/0.5oz

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Now you can purchase our pure fragrance oils in 15ml/0.5oz. apothecary bottles.

Pure fragrance oils have a variety of uses including home fragrance and perfumery.

Suggested Uses

  • Refresh the wax in your wax melter. As you use wax melts in your electric or tea light tart burner, the scented wax will get weak over time. Add a few drops of fragrance oil to the wax to give the scent a boost.
  • Use fragrance oils in an oil burner. An oil burner is an ancient method of scenting a room. To use an oil burner, find an oil you like. Place 3-5 drops of the oil together with some water into the top of an oil burner until it's 1/2-3/4 of the way full. Place the burner in a safe location, away from children, pets or burning hazards. Light the candle at the base of the burner. The oil/water mixture will start to heat and evaporate, scenting the room. Note: Be careful not to put too much oil into the burner mix, or it can cause throat and sinus irritation.
  • Create your own air freshener. Add a few drops of fragrance oils to a plastic spray bottle, then fill with water. Shake the bottle well to mix the oil into the water. You can then spray 2-3 times into the air to spread the scent into any room. Note: Be careful not to spray into the eyes of any people or pets. The spray should come out in a fine mist, not a sharp stream. The water is simply a carrier for the oil.
  • Apply fragrance oil to stationery. Place a few drops of fragrance oil onto a paper towel. Fold the paper towel, and place into a plastic bag. Put the stationery into the bag, and seal. Note: The fragrance oil should permeate the stationery. If your stationery comes in a box, a small oiled square of paper placed in the box will scent the whole stationery set. Scent your envelopes in the same way.
  • Make your own dryer sheet. Cut an old white tee-shirt into 5-inch squares. Each square is a natural fabric sheet. Add 3-5 drops of fragrance oil to the cotton square, and place it into the dryer with your clothes. Your clothes will be laced with the fragrance as they dry. Note: Each cotton sheet can be reused 2-3 times, adding 3 fresh drops of oil before each use. Wash the sheet, and reapply a new kind of oil if you like. This dryer sheet can be used many times before it must be thrown away. The oil helps with static cling as well as providing a pleasant scent.