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10” Advent Taper Candles (4 Pack)

10” Advent Taper Candles (4 Pack)

$ 11.00


Celebrate Advent with these 10″ Advent taper candles. Each set includes three Purple Dinner Candles and one Peony (pink) Dinner Candle.

A set of 4 – Pink and Purple 10″ advent taper candles are made using high-quality wax and wicks. These Taper candles are perfect for everyday use, wedding, events, aromatherapy, mood lighting, ambiance lighting, and emergency lighting.

Due to the nature of the dipping process involved in making taper candles, base size may vary. A candle shaper and/or wax candle fitters may be necessary to ensure a good fit into a standard holder.


  • Taper candles are designed to be burned in a taper candle holder.  If a taper candle is not almost perfectly straight in the holder, you can expect it to drip.
  • Taper candles must be kept away from drafts. A taper candle is designed to burn wax almost as fast as it melts it.  Thus, there is a very small reservoir of wax that you may notice at the tip of the candle as it burns.   This reservoir is contained by a thin wax wall directly around the base of the flame (or the tip of the candle).  If the flame is caused to jump around or flicker, this wax wall will heat and melt, and the wax will exit out of the reservoir.  This will in turn cause the flame to melt more wax, and increase the size of the flame due to the larger amount of wicking now available to the flame. The larger flame will only cause the candle to drip faster and faster, leaving behind a very short burn time, and a gigantic mess.
  • Trim the wick before burning to avoid black smoke.