Our Scents

Banter & Bliss was founded on the idea that our sense of smell evokes powerful and vivid memories, more so than any of our other senses. Woodsy notes like evergreen and pine evoke fond holiday memories, while fruity notes bring back sweet memories of orchards in the fall. Our scents are carefully curated and blended to elicit your best memories.

Below is a list of our current scents.

Amber & Oakmoss
Avenida de Cotai
Blue Spruce
Campfire & Summer Camp
Clean Linen
Cucumber Mint
Currant & Fig
Fresh Cut Roses
Honeysuckle Jasmine
Lavender Blossom
Leather & Oakmoss
Lemon Drops & Sugar Shots (Lemon Cake)
Love Spell
Mandarin Melon
Over the Moon
Passion Fruit Guava
Pink Peony
Red Currant
Tobacco & Rose
Tropical Paradise