Let us do you a favor: Five unique wedding gifts for your guests this season!

It's that time of year, wedding season! And, we've put together a list of unique wedding favors that your guests will love. All of our wedding favors can be customized with the couple's names and wedding date, too! If you're feeling extra creative, you can come visit us in our studio and design your own scent too.

  1. Personalized candles. Our candles come in three different sizes, 3 oz., 7 oz., and 9 oz. and you can design your own scent and candle label. We can also source different glassware, colors, and scents if you're looking for a truly customized candle for your big day!
  2. Custom room and linen spray. Come to our studio and design a room and linen spray scent and we'll create 4 oz. room and linen sprays for all your guests with a personalized label!
  3. Custom match bottles. Our match bottles come in a wide variety of colors and we can create a custom label with a cute saying like "The Perfect Match" or "A Match Made in Heaven."
  4. Custom perfume. Design your own scent and we'll bottle it for you and add a personalized label that reflects your personality!
  5. Personalized carrara marble coasters. Our carrara marble coasters make the perfect wedding favors. We partner with amazing calligraphers who can personalize each coaster. Coasters can double as name cards on your dinner tables!

Banter & Bliss Custom Personalized Wedding Favors