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Candle Tip No. 1: What's This Thingy?

Candle Tip No. 1: What's This Thingy?

Our Banter & Bliss wick trimmer is the product that customers most frequently ask us about. They ask: "What is this thingy?" after a few curious looks at the scissor-like tool hanging in our shop.

A wick trimmer is an essential tool for maintaining your candle's wick. We recommend you trim your wick to 1/4" each time you burn it (let the candle cool thoroughly before trimming the wick) to ensure a clean burn and long lasting candle. If your candle wick is not properly trimmed, your candle flame will burn hotter than necessary and you'll go through your candle faster! That's why candle burn times are often provided as a range (i.e. 40-45 hours). If you're good about maintaining your candle's wick, you'll get more burn time from your candle!

Can't I use scissors or my fingers? Scissors can get clunky if you're trimming the wick of a deep candle and trimming the wick with your fingers can lead to a sooty mess so we definitely recommend that you use a wick trimmer for its ease of use and no mess cleanup. Our heavy-duty metal wick trimmer allows you to safely remove the excess wick and is long enough to reach the bottom of our 9 oz. candle jars. Simply cut the wick to the desired length and the excess carbon buildup will fall into the bowl of the wick trimmer and you can take it straight to the trash to toss it out.

Need a wick trimmer? We've got you covered! Check out ours here.

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