Banter & Bliss Candle Co. x Maker's Mark Makers Wanted at LA Times' Taste of Costa Mesa

On Location Candlemaking Corporate Event

Did you know that Banter & Bliss Candle Company is the premiere provider of mobile and on location candlemaking events? Whether it be a mobile candlemaking bar for a birthday party or wedding or an on location candlemaking event for a large brand activation or corporate event, we’re the chandlers for the job! I guess you could say it’s our bread and butter. Or, even better, our wicks and wax!

We recently had the opportunity to be the featured artisan in the Maker’s Mark Makers Wanted booth at LA Times’ The Taste Costa Mesa event at The MET for 3 days of amazing food, wine, spirits and chef experiences, plus unique culinary pop-ups and collaborations.

Mobile Candlemaking Brand Activation by Banter & Bliss Candle Co.

The Maker’s Mark Makers Wanted booth is a celebration of makers and their handcrafted traditions. We were proud to share with everyone at The Taste our candlemaking process and hope you enjoyed learning more about candlemaking and taking home a freshly made artisan handcrafted candle!

For this event, we created a candle for Maker’s Mark which featured a heavy base old fashioned vessel screen-printed with the Maker’s Mark logo and an exclusive fragrance blend featuring notes of whiskey, caramel, tobacco, oak barrel, and vanilla. Once used, the candle vessel can be repurposed as a glass for your favorite Maker’s Mark cocktail!

Looking to host your own candlemaking event or brand activation? Give us a call and we can tailor every aspect of our services to fit your needs!

Banter & Bliss Candle Company is the premiere provider of on location candlemaking events

Candlemaking is a unique idea for a brand activation or corporate event